[Exhibition] KARA-PARE (Color palette) 2

山田浩之 「カラパレ2」

[日 程] 2020年2月26日(水) – 3月2日(月)
[時 間] 11:00~18:00、最終日は午後4時まで
[会 場] Azabujyuban Gallery
106-0045 東京都港区麻布十番1-7-2 エスポワール麻布102
[Date] Feb.26 (Wed) – March. 2(Mon), 2020
[Time] 11:00~18:00, the final day(March. 2nd) is closed at 4pm.
[Place]  Azabujyuban Gallery
1-7-2-102 Azabujyuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045

When I look at the universe with an astronomical telescope, I wonder if color really exists.
The colors mixed in the palette will eventually be close to black.
What kind of color is black?
If there is no light, it is colorless (=darkness), so darkness is black, but black under light is slightly different from darkness.
There are infinite colors in it.
The new colors created by the mixing looked like this world.
–Hiroyuki YAMADA