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[Exhibition] Hiroyuki Yamada Ceramic Exhibiton

山田浩之 陶展




【日 程】 2021年6月2日(水)- 6月8日(火)最終日は午後4時まで
【会 場】 京都高島屋6階 美術工芸サロン

[Date] June. 2 (Wed) – June. 8(Tue), 2021
(Until 4:00pm on the last day)
[Place] KYOTO Takashimaya Department Store 6F

【Exhibition】Hiroyuki Yamada Ceramic Exhibition

山田浩之展 地球の一部を少しもらって整える




【日 程】 2021年3月30日(火)- 4月11日(日)
【時 間】 11:00am-6:00pm
【会 場】 アートサロン有方 670-0042兵庫県姫路市米田町15-1 船場東ビル2F

[Date] Mar. 30 (Tue) – Apr. 11(Sun), 2021
[Time] 11:00am-6:00pm
[Place] Art Salon ARIKATA
Senba-Higashi Bld. 2F, 15-1 Yoneda-cho, Himeji, Hyogo

[Web Exhibiton] Bake the Earth a little


We will hold an web exhibition using the soil of Tamba and the soil of Shigaraki that we have dug by myself.
Please click the image below and enjoy yourself.


Click here ↓↓↓
【地面をちょっと焼く Bake the Earth a little】

[Exhibiton] HIROYUKI YAMADA Revival




【日 程】 2020年12月10日(木)- 12月22日(火)
【時 間】 11:00am-6:00pm
【会 場】 Lier幡  京都府木津川市州見台5-22

[Date] Dec. 10 (Thu) – Dec. 722(Tue), 2020
[Time] 11:00am-6:00pm
[Place] Lier BAN
5-22, Shumidai, Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto

[Exhibition] 非日常的妄想 Extraordinary delusion


非日常的妄想 山田浩之














This year will mark thirty years of my life of pottery making, which began with making ceramics.

I wanted to live by making ceramics and having people use them in their daily lives, which is such a mundane task.

But there was nothing but boring, repetitive work, and I was never able to satisfy my own needs.

I was over-imagining and before I knew it, my extraordinary fantasies won out and it was no longer a normal wares to use.

The exploration of pottery techniques is never ending. I come up with new ideas, experiment, and make them into works of art.

It’s the best thing to do when you have an image in mind. I can’t stick to one thing, I always end up thinking about four different things.

There are projects that are going on at the same time and others that are stuck. It’s such a process that people often say it’s hard to believe it’s just one artist’s work. It’s one of my problems.

Knowing this, the owner, Mr. Yazaki, commissioned me to create an exhibition that only I could produce.

She said there is no need to put them all in one category, just show me everything honestly.

I can’t tell you how much it eased my mind to hear her say this.

Hiroyuki Yamada


Extraordinary delusion

Extraordinary delusion



【日 程】 2020年8月25日(火)- 9月7日(月)
【時 間】 11:00am-6:30pm
【会 場】 館 游彩
〒141-0021 東京都品川区上大崎2-4-17

[Date] Aug. 25 (Tue) – Sep. 7 (Mon), 2020
[Time] 11:00am-6:30pm
2-4-17, Kamiosaki, Shingawa-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN

website: http://yakatayusai.com/

[Web Exhibition] Kara-Pale web exhibition






I hold “Kara-Pale(Color Palette)” Web Exhibition on my website for the limited time.
Please watch the new Kara-Pale series.
Every single pieces are sold at online store.
I hope you will enjoy web exhibition.

*This WEB exhibition has been finished.


[Exhibition] KARA-PARE (Color palette) 2

山田浩之 「カラパレ2」

[日 程] 2020年2月26日(水) – 3月2日(月)
[時 間] 11:00~18:00、最終日は午後4時まで
[会 場] Azabujyuban Gallery
106-0045 東京都港区麻布十番1-7-2 エスポワール麻布102
[Date] Feb.26 (Wed) – March. 2(Mon), 2020
[Time] 11:00~18:00, the final day(March. 2nd) is closed at 4pm.
[Place]  Azabujyuban Gallery
1-7-2-102 Azabujyuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045

When I look at the universe with an astronomical telescope, I wonder if color really exists.
The colors mixed in the palette will eventually be close to black.
What kind of color is black?
If there is no light, it is colorless (=darkness), so darkness is black, but black under light is slightly different from darkness.
There are infinite colors in it.
The new colors created by the mixing looked like this world.
–Hiroyuki YAMADA

[Exhibition] ceramic Exhibition in OKAYAMA

山田浩之 作陶展

Jan.22 (Wed) – 28(Tue), 2020


[日 程] 2020年1月22日(水) – 28日(火)
[時 間] 午前10時 – 午後7時、1/24,25は午後8時まで、最終日は午後3時まで
[会 場] 岡山髙島屋7階美術画廊
[Date] Jan.22 (Wed) – 28(Tue), 2020
[Time] Open: 10 am Close: 7 pm  **Jan. 24th and 25th are closed at 8pm, the last day(28th) is closed at 3pm.
[Place]  Okayama Takashimaya Department Store 7th floor, Art Gallery

[Exhibition] Hiroyuki YAMADA Ceramic exhibiton

山田浩之 展

December 9th(Mon) – 21th(Sat), 2019


[日 程] 2019年12月9日(月) – 21日(土)
[時 間] 午前11時 – 午後6時 日曜休廊・最終日は16時閉廊
[会 場] アートサロン山木 大阪市北区西天満4-7-17 パーフェクトライフ西天満1F
[Date] Dec.9 (Mon) – 21(Sat), 2019
[Time] Open: 11:00 am Close: 6:00 pm
[Place]  Art Salon YAMAKI, 4-7-17 Nishitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka city, Japan

[Exhibition] Calligraphy Tools

山田浩之陶展 文房具~愛しき器~

November 1st(Fri) ~ 10th(Sun), 2019


[日 程] 2019年11月1日(金) – 10日(日)  *11/5(火)休廊
[時 間] 午前11時 – 午後6時
[会 場] Yamaso art gallery ROLLOT 〒606-8344 京都市左京区岡崎円勝寺140 ポルト・ド・岡崎1F
[Date] Nov 1 (Fri) – 10 (Sun), 2019 *NOTE: We are closed on Nov 5.
[Time] Open: 11:00 am Close: 6:00 pm
[Place] Yamaso art gallery ROLLOT  1F , 140 Okazaki Ensyoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto